Fearless Focus

Fearless Focus. Daring to Define. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be chatting about Fearless Focus and the internal shifts that occur when you realise you’re letting go of all the old beliefs and building yourself the vital ingredients on your terms – creativity, vision and tenacity are rewarded when we don’t give up…

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Monday Mojo 3 Ways To Give Back at Christmas

Monday Mojo –  3 Ways To Give Back This Christmas Christmas can be an overwhelming time of the year so Roxy and I just had a quick message for you on the 3 things we do to give back at Christmas in your community.  The 3 Ways We Give Back Are:  Positivity Donations to animal shelters…

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Monday Mojo How To NOT go crackers at Christmas

The “crazy” has kicked in. With a couple of weeks until Christmas and I don’t know about you, but I know emotions are running high. Everyone’s pretty tired. Triggers are out there, this is the time when people are walking on eggshells…or drinking eggnog pending what part of the world you’re in :). They call it the…

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Monday Mojo© Emotional Integrity

Monday Mojo© – Emotional Integrity  Welcome back to this week’s Mojo. I want to talk to you about a very special source to amplify the true meaning of leadership. Emotional Integrity. Congruence, Courage and Conviction. Before you start thinking about how that’s all about helping others, this is actually the most challenging area of all …

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Monday Mojo© Play On Purpose

Monday Mojo© Play On Purpose Welcome Back to another Monday Mojo© – Play On Purpose. This one focusing on the importance of small elements in your day that are crucial to enjoy the journey in leadership and life – no matter what is going on in the background. No matter what age, title or stage…

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TMM108 The Courage To Be Disliked

HAVING THE COURAGE TO BE DISLIKED – STANDING IN YOUR OWN POWER. Welcome back to The Mojo Maker podcast – episode 108 talking all about the courage to walk your own path and why, when we start leading we may feel like we loose the support of others or ‘just don’t fit in’. I was…

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TMM 107 Feeding The White Wolf

TMM 107 Feeding The White Wolf Why the conversations we have with ourselves are the most important of all. How to identify your deep subconscious triggers that may be sabotaging your own sustainable success. Welcome to Monday Mojo© episodes and to the podcast/VLOG.  This topic of mindset is not a new one – and we…

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