Binge Exercising: Why It Doesn’t Work

Today I posted my usual Monday motivation on Instagram  – if you want to be fit and healthy you need to DO fit and healthy. We are the sum of our actions not our words. However there are some importance factors that include balance and mindset to help us truly achieve lasting health, vitality and wellbeing.  Binge Exercising is NOT one of them.

One of the most popular comments I get on the 4 and 8 week vitality programs during feedback sessions is “why can’t keep my momentum“?  The 3rd or 4th week “block” when healthy recipes and daily fitspo activities fly out the window,  and it’s back to feeling guilty about not achieving goals.

Everyone starts out well, picking up fresh food tips, doing the WakeUpWorkout and feeling great for the first time in ages. So they typically think “hey, I’ll add a couple of classes to this week“, or “I can fit a double session in today as I’m feeling so energetic“…

Unfortunately what happens as we cram more into to the week,  the first things to fall off the agenda when we get busy and tired are the exercise and healthy eating habits. I call it BINGE exercising. 

The Niktionary Definition: Binge Exercising:  Exercising with vigour, for long periods of time in one hit and then not doing anything for a couple of days or weeks afterwards. Over zealous agenda filling with exercise that cannot be sustained. Cramming all your exercise into one or two sessions a week or madly doing as much as you can within a short period of time.

This is not a new phenomenon. How to prevent it: Bring balance back in and avoid extreme measures.

Creating the best body and best life for you is about daily lifestyle habits rather than massive changes that you cannot sustain. Gradually replacing old habits with new positive healthy ones, planning with the 1% rule (see below) and planning your agenda each week ahead of time that fits fitness, wellness and ME time in as a part of your routine, not an after-thought.

Binge exercising is not training your body on a daily basis to move, improve cardio and provide a sustainable physical condition – you will find you get more results from regular amounts of exercise daily that 2 long sessions 2 x per week.

It is SO important to build a routine that fits seamlessly into your life  – that you can carry through during the busiest times. Keep it simple, short and effective and you’ll never look back.

Here are my 5 tips on building healthy living seamlessly into daily life:

1. Get up 15 minutes earlier to do the WakeUpWorkout or some form of movement, stretch or even a quick fresh walk around the block.

2. Combine your morning coffee or juice with a walk there and back. Build this time in, have some favourite tunes and use it as a form of exercise by picking up the tempo and making it count.

3. Schedule your agenda each week with 4 core elements a) FAMILY/FRIENDS (1 moment at least), b) FITNESS/FOOD (planning the farmers markets, meals, snacks, 14 minute fitness sessions each day = 1% of your day! – at the bare minimum of time) c) WORK/ADMIN d) ME time . For tips on this head to my podcasts.

4. Scheduling ME time. A moment each week for at least 45 minutes where you can just sit, plan, reflect, think about what’s coming up and take time to calibrate with no distractions.

5. Book a active session with a friend or family member. Use the weekends to do your longer  cardio based activities or exercise time you can do without rushing. Build in a catch up with family and friends around something active. It could be walking, running, cycling, stand up paddle, going to the gym together, trying a new class or anything as long as it’s active. Combine wellness and fitness with social and you won’t even realise you’re working out.

Notice nothing in there mentioned 5 x long 1 hour workouts…this is fine if you are in the routine and/or training for something. The top tips above are targeted at those of you who have great intentions but never seem to sustain the healthy active living as it peaks and then drops off.  By making healthy living a part of daily life in small incremental elements you will start to build up more time and make more positive choices without feeling like you are giving things up.

On a final note while you are on the journey to being your personal best take pride in your appearance and celebrate weekly milestones. Share your plans with friends, choose flattering clothes that are comfortable to move in and make you feel good as well. Enjoy the time you are building your best – this is just as important for your mindset.

For questions and comments don’t forget you can leave me a message below or share your daily fitspo with me on Instagram and twitter  – just tag @nfogdenmoore. Remember small steps can create massive lasting change. You can absolutely do this!

Health & Happiness and enjoy your week

Nikki x





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