The Vitality Daily Edit Episode 38 Be A Cheerleader

Hi guys. Welcome back to the Vitality Daily Edit.

Today’s message was filmed in the car en-route to Sydney CBD, on my way to meetings and support a dear friend Mel Browne from The Money Barre:  nominated for the 100 Women Of Influence Awards.

Poignant really – as today’s message is all about being a CHEERLEADER,  supporting others and seeing them shine. I did prepare a small actual “cheer” for Mel that was videoed by Lauren – however that little clip will not be making it into this blog post.

There is nothing more rewarding, regardless of what you’re going through, than supporting your friends and your colleagues and people that are really, really trying to make a difference in their lives and for others.

Be the friend, mentor, family member or colleague who says WHY NOT.

I think at the moment we get so distracted and so caught up in our own stories, we limit our unconditional support of those around us.

My cheerleader challenge to you is to  encourage people who are trying to strive and do well

– regardless of whether or not you believe in the cause, their idea or newfound hobby

– the important point is lifting others up and encouraging personal and commercial success combined with effort and tenacity.

Look around you at who are all doing amazing things; observe a little closer.  There’ll be people in your family and your community, your work, people who are trying to start their own businesses from home, or build a legacy for the ones they are in. Never look down on anyone that’s trying to better themselves or do something. 

Go and support someone. Don’t try and tear someone down, but lift people up today.

Do it consistently.

Remember, kindness is one of the greatest values and it doesn’t cost a thing. You also may need that extra little mojo once in a while yourself. 

Have a fantastic day guys and thanks to Kurt and Robin at Whitebay Limousines for always being the best drivers in Sydney and with the traffic that we have to put up with at the moment. Until next time team. Thanks for tuning in.

Yours in Vitality


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Mel Browne : For you: This little message today goes put to the very beautiful Melissa Browne at More Money For Shoes. Melissa started up ATA, she’s written a few books, started up the Money Barre and she is part of Westpac 100 Women of Influence awards this October (2016).  So I’m thrilled to be there as her little cheerleader. Whoop whoop. 

My shout outs go to Jane Anderson, Alison Flemming, Keith Abraham, Layne Beachley, Rowdy McLean, Janine Garner, Barry Moore, Richard Molnar, Pete Evans, Trevor Hendy and Ben Wilson t0 name a few. Thanks for being my RaRa squad lately! You all rock.


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