The Mojo Maker Re-Boot – 3 Steps To Avoid Burn Out. Back To Basics.

3 simple tools to get back in the drivers seat and avoid burn out – when you feel overwhelmed and out of control. Reduce stress, press pause and create your next steps with my mini Mojo Making roadmap. 

First though, come on a little journey with me, just for a second.

Imagine you’re driving along, looking at the dashboard of your car – the revs are sitting in red, the fuel is on empty and you’re staring down the road, with miles and miles to go. 

You’ve got your foot to the floor, hands are tight around the steering wheel. Tense and you don’t want any distractions or interruptions. The smallest sound from the back seat or the radio too loud just annoys you even more. 

You’re self talk, the inner chatter, is getting louder and more critical. 

You’re trying to ignore the signs, know that you’ve passed several opportunities to take a pit stop and refuel – but you pushed on telling yourself “I’ll make it”.  So you keep on going. 

By now its getting touch and go – you can’t see the next available place to refuel and you’re starting to regret you didn’t press pause when you had the chance. 

So what now? 

Plan a) 

Do you just turn the music up louder, grit your teeth, smile at everyone in the back seat and hope to god you’re going to make it. All the while your heart rate is higher, anxiety levels are getting palpable, the nervous tension is obvious to everyone and the fuel gauge has gone to critical.


Plan b) 

Do you turn off the radio, take a deep breath, let everyone know that you’re pausing to do quick check in  –  and then make game plan on the most efficient thing to do next.

My question: is why wait until we crash and burn out? 

We know what to do but we very seldom deploy plan B. All too often we run in the red. We push ourselves week in and week out, getting up for another Monday, gritting our teeth and waiting for some kind of miracle that the pressure will come off and we will have a chance to slow down and refuel.

Despite all the resources online and interactive nature of today’s world – we are experiencing a huge gap in personal connection and confidence. At work and at home.  In this so called ‘connected’ world of ours we have more reported stress, depression, more obesity and more exhaustion than ever before. Have we lost our Mojo?

In his famous song These Days, Jackson Browne said “don’t remind me of my failures” – however we can’t keep burying our head in the sand. 

When life becomes more overwhelm than glide – more ‘deplete than complete’, I rely on a set of valuable and very simple steps that take me from chaos to calm – fast.  I want to share those Mojo Maker step with you this week. 

The Mojo Making Reboot – 3 Steps To Avoid Burn Out

*Deploy these as often as necessary. 

  1. Awareness – Getting Off Autopilot
  2. Accountability – Into The Drivers Seat
  3. Action – Creating the Road Map

Step One – Awareness = Getting Off Autopilot

I’m often asked where I get all my energy from – especially given the fact I am constantly on the road. I am my own boss, so determine my own schedule. I also know I set myself pretty demanding pace. I have the energy, as I love what I do. HOWEVER!…..I don’t always get it right. 

I get exhausted, overwhelmed and under nourished just like anyone else – but the trick is I have learnt to recognise the signs and get back to basics before I burn out. 

  • What’s your body telling you about the current pace you’re setting for yourself?  
  • Are you feeling more anxious than normal, not sleeping well and feeling agitated and short fused at the smallest things?
  • Feeling under pressure and lacking clarity around important decisions. 
  • Missing key deadlines, lacking motivation, can’t seem to concentrate
  • Feeling sad, not wanting to socialise and just feel like hibernating away from the world?

We are so clever at presenting a strong and united front, often ignoring the vital signs mentally and physically that we may be running on empty. Step one is awareness. 

Step Two – Accountability = Sitting in the Drivers Seat

If you keep doing the same things you will get the same result. What’s going to be different going forward. 

I have always known that in order to sustain peak performance I needed to be the CEO of my life as well as business. That a sharp mind went hand in hand with a healthy body and fresh perspective. 

All too often we dramatise situations and feel stuck based on what might go wrong, we take a road that focuses on the stories and hypothetical thinking.  

What if you we refused that old road and took a left turn and stopped for just 3 minutes. To sit in the drivers seat and ask 3 questions. 60 Seconds for each

  • Am I OK
  • What is the NEXT best thing to do
  • You have the power to re-group and re-charge.

Step Three – Action = Creating The Road Map.

What is the NEXT best step. Create a list of everything that’s bothering you, commitments, responsibilities, schedules and planned events for the next WEEK then circle the VITAL non-negotiable ones, be ruthless.  

  • Where can you take the pressure off? 
  • Where can you ask for help and what can you set aside in the LATER box. 
  • Are you recognising your health is your wealth – integrating your week?

Free up time by identifying things you can change and put a plan of action into place.  

Be agile: We all need a road map, but our approach needs to be agile as the weather can change at any given moment. Experience will teach you when to lean in.  Sit down on a Sunday and do you winning week. 

  • Pause at any given moment and look at the now. What needs to be updated/prioritised?

Trust that – don’t run a red light. 

By working with these simple set of tools you can keep agile and avoid burn out, you can design the week you want, create masterful months and your most remarkable year yet. Be aware, be accountable and put an action plan in place. Refine and refuel on a regularly basis. 

PS: 2 extra tools: fast fitness tips pdf and an awesome meditation app I use for a quick re-set or send me an email #qswithnikki with your question/topic you’d love some help with right now. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Reach out if you need help or would love to share your story.

Yours in abundance and vitality,  






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