Respect The Body You Have to Create The One You Want

Respect The Body You Have to Create The One You Want In a world rich of imagery, social media, inspiring images and fashion led styling we can easily get focused on what everyone else has – rather than what we have already got ourselves. I like to call it Generation Exhibition. Are we spending too…

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Nature’s Playground – Why Life is Your Gym

Nature’s Playground – Why Life is Your Gym Imagine you are sitting in a hammock, on the edge of a sandy beach that tapers off into turquoise water. The wind has died down, you’re tired from the days’s activities, of being outside all day – just playing. Everything aches – in a good way. In…

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Dietary Fibre 101 – What Is It and Why is It Good For You?

Dietary Fibre 101 – What is it and why is it good for you? There is a lot of discussion and attention on carbohydrates, proteins and fats but not much going on about a vital ingredient for our overall health and wellbeing – fibre. Dietary fibre is found in the indigestible parts of plants. I…

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Create The Life You Want – Luck Has Nothing To Do With It

Create the Life You Want – Luck has Nothing to Do With It. If anyone says to me “you’re so lucky” my first reaction to is laugh out loud, and secondly be reminded of how things can be so different from the outside looking in. Creating the life you want takes conviction. Combine vision, a…

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Paleo Diet Pros vs Cons – Fact or Fad?

Paleo Diet Pros vs Cons – Fad or Fact? By our resident Life’s a Gym nutritionist Sasha! At our HQ there is plenty of discussion on a daily basis about food, fitness, facts and fads. Opinions vary and point of views are given with conviction around here. There are no mincing of words when it…

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Seventh Heaven with Six Senses – The Key to Active Living

Seventh Heaven with Six Senses – The Key To Active Living Are you operating on your full potential or just at half measure? Are you fully engaged with living in the moment, sight, sound, touch, hearing and taste? We have the most incredible finely tuned system but often forget to engage all our senses. In…

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