nikki authentic leadershipAuthentic Leadership – Walk Your Line.

It’s crucial to take ownership in business and in life. Easier said than done I know, as all to often we want to bring a story into a situation and get emotionally caught up in an event, action or outcome.

We want to try and please everyone then feel wronged or slighted if it doesn’t work out.

What happens when things happen to us, or deals get lost or projects get taken over or businesses change, we always think,

“What have we done”?

“Why has someone done something to us?”

Today’s post is about getting back into perspective. A situation is purely factual – yet we like to apply a whole lot on intangible grief or drama around decisions we may not like at the time.

I’m here to remind you to step back and have a trust in the universe. As a friend of mine says “You got this”.  If you’ve jumped on over from Monday Mojo – welcome, bear with me so I can set the scene for the fresh sets of eyes on this post:

Almost everyone I have spoken to lately feels exhausted from trying to keep everyone happy. It’s a juggling act. Feeling like you never get it right?  It’s never easy, balancing people, schedules, your vision on life and all the trimmings that come with work and responsibility.
It’s absolutely no different if you’re at home running your start up business or reading this many floors up in a large well established organisation.
Namely  – newsflash: You can’t be all things to all people. It’s just quite simply the silliest of missions to embark on – if that is what you are currently doing.

My point is you’re going about this all wrong.
Take a step back for a second. Consider the last time you created enough mental space to allow your OWN power of thought and actions come into play.
  • Without the voice of all those around you.
  • Just you. Untethered. Out there in the cerebral landscape. Not another soul in sight.How peaceful does that sound?
We need to be leaders in life who live with integrity and authenticity. The challenge is many of us are so beaten down by “should, could and would do’s” that we can’t hear ourselves think clearly anymore. That little voice in your head is NOT your intuition. Have a little browse over the Untethered Soul and you’ll find out why.
Regardless what’s going on in the world, don’t feel wronged by it but change your mindset. Change your outlook and your filter to know that you absolutely have the power to come out of this with the right attitude and with the right trajectory, and it really depends on how you deal with the situation rather than what it does to you.

Here are 5 Top Tips on Walking Your Line. Regaining personal confidence and staying on course as an authentic leader:

1 Choose your Perspective as soon as you wake up

You’ve got two ways that you can enter your day every morning when you wake up. You can wake up with purpose and a sense of conviction for what you do. Or you can wake up with a feeling of dread and fear about what’s going to go wrong. Choose option 1  – every time. 

Regardless of what’s going on, there’s always someone else who is worse off than you, even if you feel down and roadblocked or stressed about a situation that has just occurred. It may be so overwhelmingly devastating that it just crushes you to the core, I am telling you there is always someone else that is much worse off than you that will make you feel grateful for what you have. Importantly as well  – don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the story. Wake up, get up and get moving. Stick to the facts and the stats. 

2 When you get tested by a situation, a person or just an event – remain centred and calm.

Don’t let your inner voice scream about injustice. Remember to trust in your own strength, trust in your own power, in your own vision, in your own products.

Stay and walk your line regardless of what’s going on around you.

3 Visualise Calm amongst Chaos

Imagine that you’re standing in Times Square in New York and it’s really chaotic and really, really busy but actually you’re in this place of centred calm. Everything around you is blurry but you stand crystal-clear in what your purpose is and who you are as a person. That’s owning your authenticity.

Even if you don’t know what your purpose is in terms of a career or life, just be true and be proud of who you are as a human and the leadership will follow. 


4 Live with Kindness But Be Powerful

Your kindness, your strength, your tenacity, your intelligence, the way you treat your friends and family, the way you work with people. This is all a reflection of you as an individual and as a leader. Actually the fact that you are here reading this or watched the video means you have a will to do more in the world. Harness that power, the power from within. We are merely a dot in the universe and if you let everything bother you the true impact you can have gets diminished.

Let it go. Be Kind and lead by example.


5  Find Your Tribe. Those who believe in you and back you.

Being an authentic leader or building a business or the life you love can be a lonely road. Find one or two people around you who are always there. No matter what. Those who understand how hard you work and with whom you never need to explain or apologise. They understand you and all that you have to offer. Nourish those relationships with honesty and support back.


If you need help with anything like that, don’t forget you can just reach out. Email

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I hope you enjoyed this short and sharp post of a reminder to keep it real.Yours in Vitality


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