NIKKI BSCNATURALS_1All Natural: Warning! Side Effects Of Healthy Food

A few weeks ago this wonderful box of goodness arrived on my doorstep from the team at BSc Naturals. These guys are always dedicated to shaking things up a little and an eye for detail, even the packaging was based on recycled materials.

So I embarked on a series of recipe testing,  trying their different products and figuring out my favourites. What’s all the fuss about finding as many natural ingredients as you can and having simple fresh food?

Many of us underestimate the journey from average eating patterns to having a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Here are some ” side effects of  healthy eating”: Be Warned …they are addictive.

  1. Frequent jumping about with unbounded energy
  2. Increased metabolism
  3. Mobility and physical strength
  4. Mindfulness
  5. Smiling A LOT
  6. Feeling great
  7. Clear Skin
  8. Shiny Hair
  9. Happy demeanour – no more cranky bear
  10. Ability to get out of bed in the morning without a fork lift
  11. Infecting others with your positivity (warning not everyone is keen on this infectious enthusiasm…)
  12. Feel fitter
  13. Feel faster
  14. Think clearer
  15. Make better decisions
  16. Sleep better

Just sounds horrid? NO WAY. This is what we want.

Most of the time I opt for as much fresh ingredients as possible and this results in a diet that is rich in natural vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, fibre and healthy fats. However I also travel A LOT and no week is the same so having a back up plan and a healthy go to snack and smoothie survival guide makes everything easier to balance.

So let’s get started delving in to the all-naturals box and making some healthy clean no-nonsense food together.

  • Dairy Free
  • Vegan
  • Additive Free
  • No Artificial Flavours
  • Super quick
  • Super delicious!
  • No Additives



To kick it off, here is a Super Smoothie.  Ideal for the weekends when you can take more time to make a mega smoothie and stock up on different ingredients

What You’ll Need

What to do

  1. Throw all of this in a sturdy blender and mix until smooth and creamy.
  2. Pour into A GIANT Glass, recycled jar that’s now your smoothie glass,  or two if you’re sharing
  3. Make extra and keep in a jar with lid, in the fridge for later in the day or to be generous and share 🙂

NikkiJUMPNoosaWhat Will Happen

Expect to get a kick from your taste buds and have this as your new favourite weekend treat.

You’ll feel like you’ve just recharged your batteries,  satisfied your appetite and given your body something substantial to enjoy some nutritional upgrades.

Remember the secret to successful weight loss and health is a combination of nutrient rich, healthy foods at regular intervals throughout the day. It’s time to get used to snacks as a good thing!


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Health & Happiness

Nikki X 

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