Add To Heart Not Add To Cart  – Creating More Than A Transaction

From cart to heart lead – Why Business and Personal Success Is More Than A Transaction

All great businesses evolve, the pivot, they reinvent their products, update their marketing, try to get to know their customers and be as relevant as possible. The fact is we do this as individuals as well. 

In a world with so many choices, messages being bombarded at you and complete saturation of products, people and brands offering similar things – how do you stand out in the crowd. How do you secure the long term happiness, prosperity and success? By building solid authentic relationships. Starting with yourself.

This blog is written with two avenues in mind

a)   you as an individual, and b)  from an high performing organisational perspective. Either way I know personally and professionally my clients feel like they are facing fierce competition. More than ever before self doubt, fear of not fitting in, being overlooked, not creating long term connections, no time out to get clear on what’s next, lack of vision, overwhelm and feeling ‘easily replaced’ is taking it’s toll in both their personal and business life.   Feeling like they are treading water to keep ahead. 

If you can relate to any of the above then chances are you have made your day to day life very transactional. I would like you to press pause. Right now. 

Do you REALLY know who you are? What really makes you tick and what the vital ingredients are for your long term success and happiness (yes companies can be happy)..

So where are we going wrong?

  • Discounting to fit in with everyone else
  • Diluting our brand personality
  • Not clearly stating and sharing our strengths 
  • Going mass and not nurturing our long term ‘friends and family’
  • Looking for fast fixes and quick wins 

Are all recipes for disaster. Unfortunately this is happening, not only for companies wanting to sustain their business but personal relationships from friendships, family to dating. Have we gone from heart lead to cart lead transactions?


It might feel great at the time being able to swipe left and right and ‘date’ or flirt with a few ideas. But the real electricity occurs when you form a deep bond. It’s lasting, enjoyable and mutually valuable.


How Can You Turn This Around?  With 3 Core Principles. 

I was lucky enough to grow up in NZ, on a farm with a very entrepreneurial hard working father – well before there were cellphones and the internet. An auctioneer, real estate agent and farmer, 6 kids, a huge property and very long hours on the road – Trevor Fogden was a proud and charismatic leader in life and at home. Born in the 1920’s, self made and a straight shooter. He taught me 3 very valuable lessons in life

  1. Always DO THE WORK
  2. Always build authentic relationships 
  3. People want to work with people – it’s not about the one sale it’s about a long term friendship and relationship. Customers are for life. Nurture, value them and most of all value yourself. 

So has this changed? Is this rocket science?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Yet why are we so shocked to find out that our friendships and relationships with family have disintegrated. or ones created fast with no depth don’t last. 


Here’s How You Can Add To Heart and Not Just Add to Cart


Want to stay a high performer effortlessly? This requires a continual personal and commercial vision and development. It requires depth, understanding, growth, learning and application. 

  • An open mind to continue to evolve
  • A need to keep listening and learning
  • The ability to be agile, apply and adapt
  • A good team of people 
  • Awareness of self and the external landscape
  • These exact points are vital for personal success and development. 

Last week I held one of my founder vitality strategy retreats – I do 4 of these a year. Focused, a rockstar agenda and a very small group.  This is not your average retreat. It’s a dedicated 3 days where bright leaders come to carve out valuable time defining the core of what’s next for personal and commercial success, bringing to light any roadblocks and creating a clear road map for the year ahead. 

It’s a raw, highly valuable time away without distractions.  They do the work.  

The one thing that happens every single time (for the last decade)? They ALL share how valuable it is to be able to not only map out their business elements and cut through roadblocks commercially,  but also their personal game plan that create remarkable  years. We evolve like any business does, yet we don’t put any time into our own life plan and values.


What’s the contract with yourself this year? 

Grab a sheet of paper and map out your personal A4 game plan by answering the following:

  1. What relationships are truly important to you
  2. How is your commercial and personal health and vitality
  3. Where can you learn and develop
  4. What are your roadblocks to define and overcome
  5. Who can help you with any of the above



The challenge: We have become so transactional in our actions and thinking we are failing to tap into the greatest asset of all time. Our own value and working on adding value to others. Such a no-brainer but one so often overlooked. Tinder is having an effect not just personally but business wise as we get very transactional and surface based about decisions. I like to go old school. Who is the person on the other end of the line, what do they really need and value and do you really get along?

Are you putting time into nurturing your best relationships?

Working with leaders in life the topic of collateral damage in personal relationships always comes up. What time and energy are you putting  into your personal relationships that matter, along with business relationships. Chances are time on the business far outweighs your personal development work. Be purposeful. Whatever we water grows. Stop feeding and nurturing the garden and all you will have is weeds. So if you want your personal relationships to thrive – including the one you have with yourself, then give it the attention it deserves.

The issue is we get lazy and use the excuse that personal and relationship development was not taught at school or business 101. You don’t need a diploma to figure out that where you put your attention the results will come. It’s never too late. 

  • Communicate
  • Know the important people in your business and in your life – know them WELL
  • Be there for them – for no reason other than genuine support
  • Stop needing anything in return
  • Be consistent
  • Don’t build fake relationships – it’s a waste of time for either party – learn this FAST. 

Reconnecting with the power of our relationships. Not only with others and in business, but with yourself. 



I know for me the past 6 months I have been more off the radar than normal in terms of keeping in touch with my clients and finding that time. I also know that I need to make that time now, and that I really VALUE the long term connections and friendships I have formed with my clients all over the world.   Based on that, it is never to late to genuinely reconnect.  This is the same for personal relationships. The key word is genuine. Not social media, surface driven style connecting – but show depth and reality. 

Show you care – invest  – both personally and for your business and don’t forget to invest in those you care about.

Listen, learn, evolve, understand the core needs. As a leader do you know yours? Your staff, customers. Your friends and family who you truly care about. Enrich your own success by making purposeful connections. 

Like anything worth having life and businesses that thrive are because they do the above 3 steps consistently. They are open. They are not afraid of being themselves, in fact they know it’s essential to really create lasting relationships. These 3 steps are crucial for happiness, prosperity, fulfilment and sustainable success.

As a brand and and as a person – there is only one you.  So harness that, value all you have and what you bring and be curious not fearful as you evolve.

The best relationships are the ones that are built on a purpose not just profit.


We are all leaders in life – and the rewards that come with doing the work create effortless success.

Yours in Mojo









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