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Ultimate Vitality is a true BLEND of healthy, wealthy and wise.  It is the intersection between your professional and personal best. It is enlightented leadership, clarity and confidence to create sustainable success - effortlessly.  Nikki

Meet Nikki a.k.a The Vitality Coach. Speaker, author & the go-to coach for founders, CEO's and high performing companies who do things with life.

Nikki Fogden-Moore
Nikki Fogden-Moore
Known as the Mojo Maker for high achievers, Nikki specialises in working with super driven individuals and companies to find the ultimate blend of healthy, wealthy and wise for effortless success. She divides her time between private Coaching, Speaking,  Corporate Vitality programs, Boardroom and bespoke retreats, workshops and her show The Vitality Coach Podcast and VitalityCoachTV. Author of 2 books VITALITY and FITPRENEUR (with her 3rd book WORK LIFE BLEND out in May 2018), global speaker and leadership mentor Nikki's career spans 2 decades in brand strategy, production, wellbeing and high performance.

International, Engaging & Experienced

Born in NZ, Nikki's first job was at 15 on her holidays at a ski shop, after recovering from a near fatal school bus accident, during her first term away, Nikki poured herself into sports, acting and academic activities. Then  heading to University to study a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Advertising. Starting her career in the world of sports, TV, Licensing and PR  - including brands such as PlayStation, TVNZ, PWC, GM, Arnott's, LuckyStrike, B&H and Athlete management and activation for global advertising. Her work took her to London for Bates WorldWide and Ogilvy & Mather, then across to live in Amsterdam as the Strategic Director for Interbrand. During that time Nikki maintained her commitment and study to personal training, fitness and nutrition - including an optimum Nutrition course with SOLGAR while in Europe and teaching spinning, BodyPump and racing mountain bikes and triathlons while working in busy agency life. Packed with long hours and international travel she has always created that magic blend of personal and commercial vitality. Always making time for wellbeing and her love of the outdoors. Of integrating wellbeing with work and living a life she loves.

Coaching From The Start

Spurred on by Nikki's energy and experience her CEO and founder clients starting coming to Nikki's BODIBREAK retreats in Spain, getting personalised programs and a bespoke strategy on how to run their body like their business for sustainable success. Whilst in Europe Nikki founded what was then called Life's a Gym, along side a dedicated brand and athlete management agency assisting athletes and artists to build their own personal brand as a business.

An Integrated Approach

Nikki works across a variety of platforms and specialty products that over the past decade have become the core pillars of her presenting, writing, coaching and retreats. She is a pure example of practicing what she preaches and harnessing the trifecta of Healthy, Wealthy, Wise. From The Vitality Coach Podcasts downloaded in over 85 countries to her weekly blog, exclusive retreats, coaching and corporate vitality programs – Nikki's mission is to engage, inspire & connect wiht intelligent, driven and hard working people who want to go to the next step seamlessly. Passionate, authentic and experienced Nikki is creating incredible results for her clients on an international platform.  


No one understands the fine line that integrates your professional and personal vitality the way Nikki does. Here energy is infectious and her depth of knowledge makes her a leader in her field. Rowdy McLean, Play A Bigger Game


A regular contributor for CEO Magazine, Huffington Post and other leading business and lifestyle media on the topics of leadership, performance and building the life and the business you want. Combined with 4 years Head Trainer for Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine Nikki's work is featured in SMH, Body and Soul, BRW, The Australian, Channel 7, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Inside HR, NETT Magazine, GLOSS, The Daily Telegraph, Women’s Health & Fitness. Her Vitality Coach podcast reached the top 5 for business and lifestyle on iTunes  and is downloaded in over 85 countries.
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Nikki Speaking


Top most booked keynotes Ultimate Vitality - How To be the CEO of your Business & your LifeThe Vitality Road Map® Fitpreneur – The New Breed Of Leader. Why it’s important to be healthy, wealthy and wise. The 3 Pillars Of Leadership – The essential trifecta – Leading From Within, Leading By Example and Leading Others The Winning Week – The fast track for super achievers to bring balance and connection back into life Nikki has presented on the global stage for over a decade, from conferences, to boutique boardroom sessions and  being the MC at exclusive events. She specialises in presenting on high performance, leadership,  values, accountability and helping people fast track their road map to personal and commercial success.

Not your average coach.

No one truly combines the integrated experience of working congruently in high performing corporate environments with delivering, writing and coaching on wellbeing and seamless success at the same time.

Experienced, educated and established - Nikki thrives on working with people who do things with life.



Giving Back


The Vitality Road Map


The Vitality Tour


Nikki’s vision is about empowering her clients and those around them with inspiration, knowledge and the support systems to make the best possible choices for their long-term health and wellbeing – bringing both business and personal vitality to life. It’s all part of ensuring a positive impact to many so everyone can lead an educated and conscious life. Creating tangible, engaging and sustainable results. When you unlock a few simple tools you end up living the life you love. I enjoy showing people how to do that and empowering them to make great decisions to be their personal best in business and in life. In some ways I feel my journey to share all this has just begun.

Nikki’s Clarity of Vision and Ability to Connect Created a life Changing Result

Nikki’s clarity of vision, ability to connect and understand what it was that I was all about, her confidence in me to achieve the things that I have only dreamt about created a life changing result.” Ross Knight, Barrister, Ross Knight Law

Nikki has been instrumental in helping my husband and I create a life we love.

Nikki has been instrumental in helping my husband and I create a life that we love – both in business and personal. She took the time to understand us and tailored an approach that aligned with our values, personal and business goals. Working with Nikki is for people who are committed to being, doing and having…

Aiming Higher and Accountable

I have benefited from having someone in my life ‘aiming higher!’ not expecting the norm and making me accountable. Working with Nikki challenges me to make conscious decisions relevant to my future. Otherwise time would just past me by and the world would push me around. Boodz (Marcus)

Every Time We Speak to Nikki We Are More Focused

Every time Kait and I talk to you we are pumped, more focused and love each other a little more! Thanks for being YOU Nikki! Marcus Cummins

A Tenacious, Authentic and Engaging Speaker

Nikki’s tenacity on stage is infectious. She is authentic, engaging and quite frankly had all in the room furiously taking notes. My team still use her 6 pillars of Vitality and Winning Week strategy. Peter, Partner in law firm.

A Powerhouse of Vitality For Entrepreneurs and Executives

Nikki is an absolute powerhouse in her expertise of vitality for entrepreneurs and executives.  Jane Anderson, International Speaker and Author IMPACT

No one understands the fine line that integrates your professional and personal vitality the way Nikki does

No one understands fine line that integrates your professional and personal vitality the way Nikki does. Her energy is infectious and her depth of knowledge makes her the leader in her field! Rowdy McLean, Play A Bigger Game

Thank you Nikki and your team of Vitality Ninjas!

In an environment where we constantly need more and more from our people, it was great to be able to run workshop that will help people have a truly successful year both personally and professionally – and that’s what Nikki Fogden-Moore creates. To be amazing at work, you have to feel amazing in life. There…

Alison Flemming

Regional Manager, Scentre Group (Owner and Operator of Westfield Shopping Centres)

Nikki Fogden-Moore takes a holistic approach to health

Nikki Fogden-Moore takes a holistic approach to health. The Vitality Coach leads the way in implementing a complete approach to health and fitness. After attending my first Bodibreak program, I was given the knowledge to correct nutrition, the importance of core muscles, quality fitness techniques, and strategies to incorporate exercise into daily living. Nikki was…

Kath Creel

LBDG Retreat

You will always feel you have a partner every step of the way

Enthusiastic, motivated, attentive and always ensuring a personalised service you will always feel you have a partner every step of the way..

Kylie Green



A combined background in international brand strategy & activation with history in sports and nutrition gives a unique insight and understanding in the challenges we face to achieve work and life success seamlessly.

Nikki’s Boardroom Retreats® have been running for over 10 years and are a regular feature from entrepreneurs to large corporations. Known to sell out well in advance, her unique 90 Day one to one coaching programs incorporate a truly personalised approach and create tangible results fast.

VRM Online Program

Her Signature International Program – For Corporate and Individuals

All the above presentations stem from Nikki’s signature 12 module program.

Increased online time, busy commuting and no personal down time is causing a huge disconnect with not only people living their passion and enjoying their job – but actually knowing when they need to balance their weeks and enjoy life at every phase. When you have the right mindset you can suddenly tailor your week differently, reconnect with healthy living in a way that suits your lifestyle and build a strong foundation for - healthy, wealthy, wise’.

I’m really proud of the fact my programs and sessions are designed to help look at all areas of a winning week – health and wellbeing, admin/productivity, friends/family and me time.



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