Nikki The Vitality Coach Healthy Habits5 Habits For A Healthy You – Right Now

Fit fitness in your day, find healthy food you love and reignite your motivation.

It’s not information that is the issue in today’s world – it’s the fact there is too much of it and individuals have lost their ability to be accountable and truly design the life they love.

Today’s challenge for busy people is to stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling back in control of their lives.

Here are 5 habits you can kick start right now to ignite a healthy you – without turning your life upside down:

  1. Find your why – spend a a few minutes today really figuring out what your motivation is for your health and wellbeing. Take a quick quiz for yourself to find a real sense of purpose that resonates with you personally. Don’t adopt someone else’s goals but define your own. It takes discipline to set aside some time to do this – but the results are worth it. When goals we set are truly aligned with your inner why it’s a powerful combination that creates momentum, positivity and passion for what you do. I have a great little worksheet and process for Finding Your Why – CLICK HERE
  2. Get started with the 1% rule. It works. Be realistic. Stop setting ridiculous goals of hour long sessions and diet regimes that you won’t sustain. Instead think healthy lifestyle overall and start with the first plan of adding 15 mins a day of fitness every day for 100 days and you will be 100% better off than you are now. Build this up to adding an extra 15 minutes or dedicate another section of 15minutes to making healthy food as a goal. Whatever it is you can dedicate 1% of your day to it, and start to feel back in control and build a new habit.
  3. Plan a winning week – every Sunday. Healthy is a mindset and an integrated part of your week. Look at your week as a whole and plan health and fitness elements in like everything else – it’s part of success and your life so bring it to the front of your weekly planning and make it non-negotiable.
  4. Find your Dream Team: Ask for help – get support from friends, family and even colleagues – plan your morning workouts while your partner can get the kids ready for school. Connect with someone that inspires you and engage in sharing updates, milestones, goals and celebrating small wins. I call this the buddy system. It’s empowering and crucial for sustainable success.
  5. Mornings Rule: Get up 30mins earlier than normal and do the Wake Up Workout and then get into the shower and start your day – kick starting your day resets your mindset, ignites your metabolism and gives you a sense of satisfaction the moment you wake up. As soon as you wake up get up, don’t lie around in bed or turn off the alarm. How we start our morning sets the tone for the day. Change your mindset and make a morning ritual your summer holiday plan. For The WakeUpWorkout FREE PDF  – Get Yours HERE 


Healthy habits are there to help you live life to your best potential. My advice is to keep things super simple.

Exercise outdoors, have fun with your kids, find healthy food you love and enjoy these elements more often. Create real synergy between work, life, friends, family, health and wellbeing. All these pillars make up a winning week and a life you love.

Once you get those elements in tune there’s no stopping you.

Remember life has no remote you must get up and change it yourself.

Coach N x



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