Foamroller1015 Benefits of A Foam Roller: Tone At Home

There are many benefits of having and actually USING a foam roller at home or take it with you if you’re away for a longer period of time and exercising regularly. Foam rollers are easy to store, lightweight and don’t take up a lot of space. The trick is if you get one from a sports store, your physio or PT – you actually need to use it.

Here are the top 5 benefits that should have you getting some great results from this simple tone at home tool.

Benefits of using a foam roller:

  1. Reduces joint pain and inflammation: As you roll over your muscle you are lengthening and rolling “through” the muscle like a deep tissue massage. You can apply the pressure you want – so give yourself more support with your arms if you need to take weight off, or lean more into the foam roller as you glide through for a deeper muscle flush. Rolling can reduce the pain and inflammation by getting fresh oxygenated blood into injured muscles – this is essential for repair and recover.

2. Improves circulation: By rolling through the muscle it flushes our toxins, lactic acid and helps reduce scar tissue – all creating a better pathway for your blood to circulate.

3. Improves flexibility: The rolling action massages the muscle and helps reduce the tension, improving the muscles ability to lengthen and be more flexible. By breaking down scar tissue and aiding circulation you increase the ability for the muscle to engage its true range of motion. Healthy muscles should be flexible and this is crucial to avoid lower back pain and other referred in-balances when our muscles are not in top shape.  Even sitting for long periods at work can reduce flexibility and lead to other issues.

I am not flexible at all! However have found with small foam roller sessions I have been able to increase the range of motion in my hamstrings, quads and gluteus – also connected to releasing tension in my IT bands. It’s worth persevering.

4. Acts as a massage at home: BYO massage; foam rolling  massages the muscles, flushing out all the tension and creating a massage style result for your body. It can be painful to begin but you only need to start with a few minutes at a time and learn to balance your body correctly to ensure the right amount of pressure

5. Easy to use: Release tension from your muscles and increase recovery with a foam roller session without needing a trainer or a class. You can roll while you’re watching TV or directly after your workout. You can even use a foam roller before you work out to help break up scar tissue, get fresh oxygenated blood to your muscles. Just remember….

Things to avoid

  • Don’t over roll : For example roll all the way down to your lower back and concentrate on that area – ease your way from neck, shoulders to bottom of rib cage to avoid unnecessary  hyper extension.  Be consistent with small roller sessions more regularly than binge rolling where you punish your body in one long session. i.e. 5-10 mins every second day is more beneficial.
  • Watch your posture – while you are adjusting your body weight for the ideal pressure keep your spine aligned, core strong and avoid slumping or rounding your shoulders for example.
  • Go slowly – this is not about speed but more about giving your muscles time to adjust. Take your time, listen to your body and make smaller movements over particularly sensitive areas. You can also hold on a spot for a few more seconds to help release a knot.

Every little bit counts towards a fit healthy you! I’ve put tougher my tope 4 foam roller exercises into a simple Tone At Home PDF – JUST CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW & GET YOUR COPY FREE >>

Happy rolling!

Nikki x


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