Embrace Change – The Resolve to Evolve – 3 Steps To Take the leap of faith and not stay stuck in stories…

Hi there and welcome to my official blog and the Monday Mojo© replay series.  – how are you doing?

Ready to receive all the good stuff that is coming when you are ready to lean in? It may take some courage though…we often don’t trust what we don’t know.

I know a lot of people have been experiencing real frustration, triggers, even outbursts of anger or just internalised friction lately. A real feeling of being fed up, pent up, pushed down and that they can’t seem to hold back anymore.

We are experiencing this on a global level with the deeply serious events that are shaping history – from vaccines to the violence, rioting and then the marches of solidarity in the US and beyond.

Many of you are feeling your world is turning upside down and in a real state of unrest – even if it’s your own small ecosystem let alone the world at large. Uprising or awakening – call it what you will. The fact is there is change.

Please don’t despair. You’re needed, you matter and your ability to evolve really counts.

This weeks Monday Mojo© focuses on the important value as leaders  – the resolve to evolve.

What happens when you RESIST CHANGE – how defying the inevitable can force you out of the nest when you least feel like it. 

Change for most people is a trigger

Change can induce deep subconscious blocks and resistance. Often masked as control and “being in charge” we can cling on to what we know for dear life when we feel the plates shift below our feet. 

Then when those shifts occur outside of our perceived time when we are ready, we may tend to ignore, deny and defy change even more. Seeking comfort in what we know – when we may actually be resisting change and sabotaging natural growth.

Change (even in the smallest way to a routine) can bring up residual terror and fear without even realising it. 

Resilience is one thing – but agility and the curiosity to evolve is a far greater use of your energy.  

No matter what is happening in history – the most important element you can do is be aware of how you carry yourself and what you do to lean in to and be agile.

It’s normal to have be anxious around change

Often we fear change, as it presents so much of the unknown. However growth is essential for life and relationships and probably most importantly, for the relationship with self.

Fulfilling our own sense of who we are and what we do.

Learning doesn’t’ stop once we get to a certain position in life. In fact, life in itself requires us to have an even deeper commitment to growth.   We are born to evolve.

Embrace Change : Learning to lean in

You are not the same person you were 5 to 10 years ago – so give yourself some credit and ensure you open up to possibility of a new perspective.

Don’t get too hung up on the past as a handbrake. Integrate experiences but choose what information anchors you in decisions.

Here’s 3 Steps on how to learn to lean in, let go of what no longer serves you and identify the speed wobbles as you embark on the next steps.

**Take a piece of paper – turn it landscape and make the next 3 columns. At the bottom of each column leave space to write BLURTS. The patterns, programming, fears, blame, shame and guilt thoughts that will pop up as you start filling this out.

Column 1. Awareness
Recognising when you’re out of flow and how to realign with the right path when it feels you might “lose it all” in the process. What if this idea of yours could work out, what if you re-shaped elements of your life and business based on “downloads” of what may be truly special and exciting to you?

  • What if you could re-program and let go of an outdated beliefs /operating system and not loose yourself in the process.
  • Identify the areas you feel you want to go, what is and isn’t working and where that need to look around the corner at potential – don’t ignore the little voice that says to you – “you need to try this, you can’t NOT do it, just try, take one step, this ignites you”.

Please listen to that quiet voice (truth) and then recognise the louder, bossier, noisier, faster and busier mind (ego) that wants to override that awareness and a chance at change –  Aka the BLURTS.

– > Write down your blurts and roadblocks that pop up when you fill in this column on the bottom section.

Column 2. Accountability
Learn about your perspective – In my video today I give the LION analogy – how 2 people can see a lion walking past them with 2 completely different reactions. Fear or curiosity – depending on their perception, exposure and curiosity.

  • Are you unknowingly repeating programming with your family, staff etc with patterns based on people pleasing and not standing in clear communication? 
  • Expecting validation for doing the right thing but never feeling fulfilled then wondering why that circle perpetuates?

Be accountable for what your intuition is trying to steer you towards for your growth and new opportunities.

  • What are the behaviours you may need to change, information you may need to search for or tools you may want to use that can help you stand in your own power about what is truly right for you? 

Newsflash – you are allowed to be happy, be creative, be productive and set a new course in coordinates if you do so in truth and not out of ego it will all flow. TRUST.

  • Make a list of behaviours and elements you would need to put into practice to assist with healthy change and growth. What can you do for YOU (business or personal it’s the same approach).

-> Write down your blurts and roadblocks when you fill in this section even if it just feels like you get stuck on this

Column 3. Action
Write here the list of actions, tasks and active things that would be the next right steps. Or what responses, outcomes and results do you want to see and what are the immediate elements to start working towards that.

  • Perhaps there is a new way of communicating you’ve not really tried before – is this something to explore. Maybe it’s just taking the time to write down ideas and what your ideal week could be like – without fear to do so and just see what comes back to you.
  • How can you show up for yourself, what do you need to DO to actually create courage to lead in what you want.

-> Write down your blurts and roadblocks when you fill in this section  even if it just feels like you get stuck on this it’s the little busy voice that chips away at your resolve to evolve – it tries to keep you stuck and where you are – the known path.

Always acknowledge the blurts  – writing them out is crucial. Then you can put them aside and focus on the awareness of what matters to you, the accountability that is required to grow and evolve and the action steps needed to start the process and commit.

Embrace Change: Life is about progress not perfection.

It’s in the doing that we have the journey – not lining everything up and trying to hang on to that framework for dear life.

Chances are if you’re not willing to do the growth and lean in, then it will be happening anyway and taken out of your hands- so you may as well be designing what you want, otherwise you’ll just keep getting what you’re given.

Lean in, be courageous, open up your heart as this will give you access to greater knowledge than ever before and lead with conviction.

Trust the process, learn to know your ego vs self and that will be liberating. Surrendering to change and being open to evolve is a pretty awesome space to operate in.

Let me know how you go,

Yours in Mojo always,

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