TVC086 Deplete or Complete

TVC086 Deplete or Complete – Mojo Making Express Episode

The personal and professional inventory for purpose, people and profit. Why it’s crucial to reflect and assess on a regular basis in leadership and life. 


The DELETE & COMPLETE SHEET(TM) – my express session I use to help clients (and myself) re-set feeling off balance and on autopilot. This is a vital tool to finding your glide and reducing stress personally and commercially.

There’s always going to be responsibility that comes with adult life and running a business, but it’s the areas we all have choices on that are vital to assess and connect. Make an inventory on a regular basis.

  1. What things/people/projects/situations deplete you?
  2. What things/people/projects/situations complete and fulfil you?

Here are the 3 steps for the deplete or complete sheet – find your glide without judgement or comparison.

Step 1. Give Yourself Permission To Choose

You are in the drivers seat of your life and work. Regardless of how we feel when we are ‘trapped’ in certain circumstances or within constraints, there is always room to assess and reflect. The first step is to recognise there is always a choice.

Too scared to open the box?

Often we don’t want to press pause and look at where the feeling of frustration, overwhelm or just pure feeling fed up comes from, as it could be like opening Pandora’s Box.

The are of mastering the glide is to do smaller, regular inventories – or Mojo checks I like to call them, so you are in tune with your intuition and not pushing things down below the surface. Trust your gut. It’s the strongest compass you will ever have.


Step 2: Draw Up The Two Columns

So once you’ve gotten over yourself and you actually want to sit down and get things done (congrats), the next step is to draw up a left column (DEPLETE) and a right hand column (COMPLETE).

Pen and paper. Not digital.


Step 3: Complete The Deplete and Complete List

Without thinking too much just list all the things that drain you, drag you off course or have you feeling depleted on the left hand side.

Then on the right do the same for all the people, places, projects and ideas that light you up. Where do you ADD value and where are you valued.

Once you have done that it’s time to start adjusting your sails and ensure you are nourishing the COMPLETE column and being aware and not putting too much emphasis or time wasting in the DEPLETE column.

This doesn’t mean ‘un-friending’ clients and people in a rage of DELETE – it’s an internal recognition of who and what to invest in.


A footnote to all this: is please remember that part of sustainable happiness and success means daily work on #adulting. Don’t ignore the responsibilities that come with the fruits of living a great life. Admin, friends, family, ME time and giving back are all crucial ingredients and should not be seen as a chore. The are the  6 pillars of Ultimate Vitality and should be done with purpose daily.

If you’re not sure how to integrate that then use code FYF50 for The Vitality Road Map online and take advantage of Mojo making 50% off the online course with me to get you out of negotiating time and back into a purposeful winning week.


Here’s the vlog link on how you can quickly do a road test – what DEPLETES you and what COMPLETES you.

Don’t dim your light. We need to be more engaged, wholehearted and honest in all areas – the results will blow your mind and build your budget without you even realising it.

Yours in abundance and vitality,



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