Goal Setting 2.0: Gold Stars For Adults

VRM_Series2_NFMGoal Setting 2.0 –  Gold Stars For Adults

Why Do We Stop Rewarding Milestones Along The Way?

Part of creating the life you want is being able to identify goals and then strategise how to achieve them. Why do we stop giving out gold stars as we get older?

The problem? Most of us get so caught up in setting goals we forget to enjoy the journey and acknowledge the small wins along the way.

A successful and fun part of my Vitality Road Map program that seems to keep popping up time and time again – the “Gold Stars For Adults” concept.

I love it and I think you will too.


Instead of putting chores on the fridge for our kids, and spreadsheet updates for colleagues – why don’t we get our children and our peers to give us positive feedback and endorsement when we as leaders actually do what we say.

It all comes from leading by example and practicing what we preach.

If you’re in a position of leadership – either as a parent, in business or just trying to take control of your own life, the most powerful tool you can do is own your why and ask others to support you.


“The moment I wrote up my goal to get fit and be the referee for my sons football match at home and also at work, it was super motivating. Every time I went for a walk my son gave me a gold star and when I was at work eating healthy the team around me lodged one on the 7 day challenge sheet. It was a small thing but created a massive boost of confidence for me – even at the ripe age of 47”. Mark



Here’s a short top tips post from me today that will help you take this cool little crazy idea and turn it into reality.  You can start ‘high-fiving’ your five year old and feel proud to walk amongst your team at work knowing you are delivering on your promises.


First up – no goal is ever to silly to share so get ready to create some change with these 3 easy steps:

  1. Before you write anything down or up on the sheet to be seen – do you REALLY want to do this or is it just some other thing on your list. Create what counts and ditch the rest. 
  2. Get your family and/or peers involved. Want to see your kids or your team step up? How about leading by example. Show you also have goals, and get excited when you can share wins together and be accountable when you don’t meet your promised marker. Find your dream team too. 
  3. Make it visible. My corporate teams all have the A3 #7daychallenge sheet in their offices and write up team goals and they all leave a start or tick when they notice someone doing what they set out to on their 7 day challenge. Make it a 30 day chart even as well. Same goes for at home.

VRM_7DayChallengeA3SMALLWant to know what these sheets can look like?

  • Download your free 7 Day Challenge A3 Sheet by clicking on the image or HERE

Want to do this for you and your family?

  • Use this 7 day goal sheet and family planning overview to set goals as family with all ages and ensure you are on there as much as your kids.  Set a buddy system as well.


7 Days works so well. It’s achievable, visible and easy to navigate. Make something too big and convoluted and there goes another set of wish lists. Strip it back and keep it simple and you can’t go wrong.


Don’t forget to think about the rewards you want to give and receive as you conquer each of your 7 day challenges.. it can range from a date night to a bottle of champagne or that new workout outfit. Just be clear upfront what you want and why.

Focus + Fun = Fantastic.


Enjoy and leave a comment if you get stuck or want extra tips.

Yours in Vitality

Coach Nikki


PS: You may see some odd words crop up in my blog posts such as ‘excitmin8ting, high-fiving,

smallerising and splanning… don’t worry they are from the NIKTIONARY…my own vocab..

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